Your opening dance on your wedding night is one of the highlights of the wedding reception, don’t let this moment fall flat!  A few wedding dance lessons with a dance instructor will help you make this a very special moment for you and your guests. Weekly dance lessons are also a great way to connect and focus on just the two of you in the lead-up to the wedding day.

John Murray Dance Studio specializes in social Ballroom, Latin American and wedding dance choreography. We work with wedding couples on a daily basis and choreograph your opening dance to your special music, making it as easy or fancy as you like with exciting variations to blow your audience away! The opening dance is custom designed to suit each couple. We also cover the important table to dance floor procedures that every wedding couple should know, how to present the bride, as well as father-daughter and mother-son dances or the entire wedding retinue.

Your private lessons can be booked with one of our friendly instructors at a suitable time for you between Monday and Friday 13h00 to 21h00. We recommend starting early, it takes longer than people think. Our 10-hour package is the most popular wedding dance option. We want you to feel comfortable dancing your steps and look awesome on the dance floor, which takes a little time to round off and perfect. We also recommend learning one or two of the other fun social dances to enjoy during the rest of the evening.
Your dance journey with us is a fun and rewarding process, spending quality time together as a couple and building memories to last a lifetime!

The studio is welcoming and modern with friendly teachers and all amenities. There is also a dance shop to purchase wedding dance shoes and dance attire for ladies and gents. Located at Somerset Mall, Somerset West with 24/7 secure parking. Click here to see more.

We went to dance classes for our wedding. A beautiful routine was worked out for us to our song of choice. Our instructor, Charmaine, was very professional yet casual and made us feel relaxed and confident with a 3-minute routine, within 6 lessons. All their instructors are filled with passion and enthusiasm which is visible from the moment you walk in. We even learned a different dancing style to expand our repertoire for our wedding evening. I would highly recommend John Murray Dance Studio for anyone wanting to learn how to dance in general or for a specific event. – Carl du Plessis