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Hi, my name is Daniel Christian Michael John De Wit, but you can call me Dan. I am a wedding photographer and I love what I do! It’s not every day you get to share someone’s special day, I aim to make it as special as possible! I want to show you your wedding, the way you should have seen it! My style of photography is a clean and moody aesthetic, smoke in the air and light shining through the curtains, It is the feeling of atmosphere, excitement and emotion I am trying to capture.

As a wedding photographer with over 30 weddings in the bag, some of the things I bring to the party are, safety pins, headache tablets and plasters, oh and my camera things of course. From poses to unique ideas, I have you covered in the creative photography department. You might see me wandering off but I am always watching the lighting and trying to produce award-winning images, it may be in a bathroom or in the ocean, under an umbrella in the pouring rain, just know I want to give you the wedding photographs that speak volumes about your love for one another.

All my packages come with a second photographer so that we don’t miss a thing. This gives us the opportunity to give you more than you expected, and by more I mean we edit over 1000 images of your special day. Candid moments of mom and dad falling in love again, uncle Barry tucking into the cake and Nana Margret hitting the bar harder than she hit you with a slipper. (The names mentioned above are interchangeable).



The last thing I want to say is that I LOVE love, I think everyone feels something for it, but, I get to capture it, hold it, and nurture the feeling that makes it so much more special. There is something my mentor always said to me and that is “Dan, you need to feel the shot, be engaged in the moment, and then commit to the love you see”. You could say this is my mantra at your wedding. I am committed to giving you and your family something to look at for the rest of your lives, something to pass down to your kids one day and hang up in the lounge. I care, and that’s important to me.


Daniel is such a talented photographer that even my guests loved the pictures he took of them, never mind mine. If you’re looking for a wedding or events photographer, look no further! – Nicole Contini

Daniel’s work is top class. Working with him was a pleasure and our client was thrilled with the outcome. If you are looking for someone to take amazing corporate photos, or photos of your food and wedding, I can’t recommend Daniel enough. – Steven Grey

Daniel is a very positive person and it is a pleasure working with him. His work is highly commendable and is driven by his outstanding artistic flair. It is a pleasure watching him work, tend to clients and he really brings life to every event. Daniel comes highly recommended! – Lood Goosen


Contact Person: Daniel De Wit
Email: hi@danieldw.co.za
Contact number: +27 (0)72 363 8780
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