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At José Jewellers design studio, we embark on a journey with you to transform your jewellery dreams into exquisite reality.

At José Jewellers design studio, we embark on a journey with you to transform your jewellery dreams into exquisite reality. Our legacy began modestly in 1978, as a humble venture selling jewellery from suitcases. Over the years, through dedication and a commitment to excellence, we’ve grown into a generational family business revered for its integrity, professionalism, and unparalleled craftsmanship.

Our hallmark lies in our unwavering dedication to understanding and fulfilling the desires of our clients. This ethos has fostered enduring relationships, spanning three generations, built on trust and mutual respect. We consider it an honour to be part of life’s most significant moments and approach each commission with the gravity and care it deserves.

Carmen, our esteemed owner, brings over three decades of expertise to the craft. With specialization in Jewellery Design & Manufacturing, her profound knowledge encompasses diamonds, gemstones, jewellery valuations, metalwork, and manufacturing processes. Carmen’s passion lies in offering professional guidance on Engagement Rings, Wedding Bands, Jewellery Remodelling, and bespoke designs, ensuring each piece is a testament to timeless beauty and enduring love.

As the creative mind behind the renowned Metamorphosis Jewellery brand, Carmen infuses her designs with innovation and artistry. Brides and grooms are invited to either custom design their rings or select from our collection of established, exquisite designs, each bearing the hallmark of Carmen’s visionary creativity.

Word of mouth remains our most potent advertising tool, a testament to the lasting impact of our craftsmanship and personalized service. Many of our cherished clients have become an integral part of our extended family, their loyalty transcending borders and generations. It’s heartening to witness clients returning, even after relocating abroad, reaffirming the enduring bonds we’ve forged.

At José Jewellers, we redefine luxury with a warm, hands-on approach and individualized attention. Our comprehensive services include bespoke jewellery design and remodelling, meticulously crafted Engagement and Wedding Rings, expert jewellery repairs, Pearl restringing, precision engraving, and exquisite diamond setting.
Your ring symbolizes a lifetime of love and commitment; hence, settling for anything less than perfection is inconceivable. Within our studio, we specialize in crafting bespoke wedding bands in a myriad of metals, ensuring each piece is as unique as your love story. From the timeless allure of platinum to the contemporary charm of titanium, discover the metal that resonates with your heart and cherish it for generations to come.

Embark on the journey to your dream ring with José Jewellers. Schedule an appointment today via our website, phone, or in-person at our design studio, nestled at Professional Suites, 93 Pretoria Rd, Rynfield, Benoni. Let us weave the threads of your love into an enduring masterpiece of unparalleled beauty and elegance.

José! José! José! What an absolutely amazing experience. If I could rate higher, I definitely definitely would. I came in looking for an engagement ring and I was greeted by Amy who was super friendly, informative and made the experience effortless. I later on set up a meeting with Carmen as I decided to make a custom ring. It was very informative, she explained everything to me and was able to give me ideas and thoughts of what would be better, and what would suit my budget.  Everything came out perfectly from design, to the production of the ring and when I first saw it, I was completely blown away by the craftsmanship. I had high expectations and it just burst straight through my expectations. Carmen and her team truly made everything special and perfect for my engagement day. I highly recommend you book a consultation for a unique and beautiful engagement ring or browse in-store at their stunning collection for the perfect ring for the love of your life. Thank you, Carmen and Amy, for the amazing ring my fiancé was blown away. – Tyler Rebaney

Fantastic friendly service provided with a fast turnaround time on a custom designed ring. The end product was better than I could have imagined. Thank you very much to the team – what a pleasurable and easy experience you made it for me. – Darryn Timm

I picked up my newly created platinum ring from José Jewellers today, and I have to say it was a fantastic experience. The staff members were knowledgeable, understanding, and sincerely enthusiastic about what they do. Carmen always takes time to get to know my preferences and gave me helpful advice on picking the ideal design. The ring is undoubtedly a masterpiece. The quality of the work and the level of detail were simply outstanding. The ring was an exquisite example of the jeweller’s talent and knowledge, from the intricate design to the faultless polish. In all sincerity, you exceeded my expectations. Many thanks! – Jennifer Van Den Berg


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