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This is one of the most important days of your life. The start of your new life, and you want to share it with family and friends from around the world. You want everyone special to you to attend your special day, but it’s near impossible to accommodate the hundreds of guests you’d love to invite. This is where YeloStreamCo comes in. We’ll bring everything required to stream your wedding for all your friends and family, near and far – live! With customizable packages available, you choose the level of production to suit your budget. We’re not here to replace your wedding video or photos, we’re here to assist you in sharing your special moment with more people than you originally thought possible.

With more than 20 years of Television Broadcasting experience, YeloStreamCo brings a level of quality to the production of your event that is unseen in the live streaming industry. Click here to see more.

YeloStreamCo will broadcast your wedding with quality and clarity that will make your virtual guests feel like they are right there. You focus on your event, we’ll stream it to your world!

YeloStreamCo performed the live streaming of my wedding this past weekend. The team was highly professional and always ready to assist and accommodate our requests. The actual event stream was excellent in terms of both video and sound quality. I would highly recommend YeloStreamCo. Thanks again for the great service! – Dipeel & Rakhi


Our tips: Book your live streaming, AV, lighting and special effects company

The importance and the effect good, subtle lighting can have on your wedding day is often overlooked. This should go hand in hand with your floral and décor design. Weddings normally take place at night, and after spending hours deciding on stunning floral arrangements and table settings, you don’t want it to get lost as soon as the sun sets.

The correct lighting and effects can also change the mood of your reception after dinner as soon as the dance floor opens.

Your DJ or Live Band usually can supply their own sound, but depending on the size and complexity of your wedding, it might be a good option to acquire the services of an outside company to take care of all your lighting, sound and AV needs.

Here are some lighting options to enhance your décor:

• Uplighting – soft lighting that can subtly change and enhance the mood and colour of your reception area.
• Pinspots – beams of light that light up specific areas or objects such as floral centrepieces. This is helpful when you dim the room’s lights your décor accent pieces don’t disappear in the dark.
• Custom Gobos or Monograms – if you have a monogram designed for your invitations or stationery, you can also incorporate it in the lighting onto a wall or the dance floor.