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Top Face Mask Designers in Cape Town

We have put together a list of the best face mask designers in Cape Town. Please support local! Many of these designers are wedding industry professionals who have diversified to fill this essential need. Browse through these amazing option and choose your favourite mask for yourself and your family.



We love the variety of style and designs offered by Mouth Mask. We also love the fact that this is an initiative started by an amazing wedding professional, Afrodizzyacts, who provide unique entertainment solutions for all types of events. Besides their array of designer and branded masks, they also stock face visors and hat visors.  Their website is jam packed with valuable information and details on their generous feeding scheme.


Online Masks is a reseller of SneezeGaurd, a local Noordhoek based company, which has two great options from which to choose.  The first option is three layer mask made from an elasticated scuba fabric which is super humidity resistant. The mask is a snag fit and comes in four sizes. The second option is a classic, one size fits all, three ply pleated mask. They offer free delivery at certain times and to certain locations, so check out their website for details.


Super Heroes Wear Face Masks is another local company whose aim is to create something comfortable, fashionable and fun, whilst also doing good and donating masks for every purchase. Click below to visit their Facebook page and read more about this incredible initiative. 

Review: We were fortunate enough to be able to try these masks for ourselves and were very impressed. Firstly with the customer service and next day delivery and secondly at how comfortable they were to wear. No unsightly lines left on the face. These masks received the approval from both the adults and the kids.


Khusela is a Xhosa word, meaning TO PROTECT. Their masks, constructed from the finest fabrics, are put together with the greatest of care, and consist of three protective layers.  Orders can be placed by contacting them directly through their Facebook page.


Cover Couture is creating very high quality masks for everyday wear as well as a specially designed buff for runners and walkers.  This brand has been developed by a very well known wedding dress designer in Cape Town, Didi Couture, and her high standard of design is reflected in her masks.  


We, as designers, have decided to take hands in our effort to support each other and the community of seamstresses that works in our studios. We will manufacture and distribute a range of masks that are beautifully constructed from quality materials. The funds raised will be used to sustain our smaller couture Ateliers and the staff that we employ. The full range: colours, styles and silhouettes will be available on each brand’s website and social media platforms.All the masks are manufactured by us, the designers, and the staff that we employ directly and indirectly. The South African garment and textile industry employs many seamstresses, pattern makers and cutters to name but a few.

Your support, by purchasing a mask, will contribute to sustaining this already fragile business sector and to keeping it from collapsing due to the threat of this global pandemic.

Review: We were sent a selection of these stunning masks and give them a major thumbs up for comfort and style. No pulling on the ears or marks left on the cheeks and nose. It is very apparent that these are made by professional designers, they are flawless!


Lens Love make the most amazing accessories for photographers (you have to go have a look) and have now put their minds to making these gorgeous masks! We want them all! These masks can be conveniently ordered online. Click the link below to visit their store.

Review: We received a beautifully made mask from Lens Love. We love the fabric and the fact that it has the addition of a bendable nose piece. Extremely comfortable and stylish!


We’ve always loved Mitat’s luxurious and romantic fabric designs that make you want to reminisce about bygone eras… Now we can have them in a mask. Completely desirable and unique, there must be a design that speaks to you. They are handmade with love, three layered and 100% cotton. Shipped countrywide directly to you.