Yolande du Toit Makeup Artist

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I am so blessed, to be able to do what I love every day. My core personal and business values are inspired by real-life, that goes on to celebrate beauty in every sense of the word. With over 20 years of working as a professional make-up artist and hairstylist, I have had extensive experience working with all skin tones and types, facial features, hair textures and personal styles.

My bridal style is understated, natural and elegant – I believe that you should be a true reflection of who you are on your wedding day. I am a great believer in marriage and the decision one makes to choose to share your life with one special person. To combine my passion for make-up and hair with this beautiful reality of marriage is a dream come true for me. 


Much of the decision making was down to magnificent people like you. Hardworking, creative and elegant you are, friendly and supportive and I need not speak of your amazing transformation of me! Caring and patient with us all in the flurry of getting ready.  You even left your mirror behind which I have here and shall use as a great excuse to visit you and have some coffee when I return in a few months’ time. Jenni has captured the dream, YOU created the dream and we were lost in a cloud of those who wanted only the best for me and my children on the wedding day. – Karen


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