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Setting the standard for more than a decade: South Africa’s Premier Custom Wedding Suit Tailors.


Setting the standard for more than a decade: South Africa’s Premier Custom Wedding Suit Tailors.

“Elevate your special day with meticulously crafted bespoke wedding suits tailored exclusively to reflect your unique style and celebrate your love story”

Your wedding day deserves nothing less than perfection. Trust Tailor Me to create a bespoke suit that embodies elegance, sophistication, and the unique bond you share with your partner. Let us make your special day even more memorable.

“Personalized Perfection: 100% YOU. NOTHING LESS.”

At Tailor Me, we believe in personalized perfection, where every stitch reflects your unique style and personality. Our motto is simple: hold nothing back. Embrace 100% of who you are, because nothing less will do. Let us tailor a suit that embodies your individuality, ensuring you walk down the aisle with confidence, authenticity, and unmatched elegance.

“Global Elegance, Local Expertise”

We believe in sourcing only the finest fabrics from around the world to create our exquisite suits. From Italian wool to British tweed, our collection boasts a diverse range of high-quality materials, ensuring that every suit exudes luxury and sophistication. Paired with the local expertise of our highly skilled and experienced artisans, each garment is crafted with care and precision, resulting in a truly exceptional product.


How We Work:

Make An Appointment: To get the ball rolling and to have your personal consultant assigned to you, get in touch by giving us a call or send a WhatsApp on 074 884 4848, or send us an email to [email protected]. We’ll provide expert advice and schedule an appointment.

Initial Fitting: At the initial fitting we’ll guide you through the selection process, providing detailed advice on fabric textures and accompanying colours. We’ll also guide you on the style – making sure the cut complements your body type and features. Then finally – because no two men are the same – we’ll do all the individual measurements to ensure you get a breathable, one-of-a-kind and perfectly fitted suit.

Making the Suit: Handcrafting your entire suit from the ground up, we take every specification discussed during the initial fitting, and bring them together to create the ultimate bespoke suit – a suit that is 100% You. With our quicker and flexible turnaround times, the entire process, including all consultations and fittings, takes from fewer days to a couple of weeks – a time frame that allows us to ensure no detail is overlooked.

Interim & Final Fitting: Once your suit has been stitched to life, we arrange for an interim fitting to make minor adjustments and ensure the perfect fit. Interim and final fittings are handled from our quirky, comfortable and stylish studios in Johannesburg, Pretoria & Cape Town. And that’s it – you’ll soon be the dapper owner of a Tailor Me suit.

Crafting a bespoke suit is a personal and often demanding process. That’s why I was so impressed with my experience with Adnan from Tailor Me. From the very first moment, Adnan, went above and beyond to ensure a smooth and enjoyable journey. He was a true gentleman: knowledgeable, patient, and incredibly helpful. His guidance throughout the selection process, fabric choices, and fittings was invaluable. The end result? Nothing short of astonishing. The suit fits perfectly, way exceeding my expectations with its impeccable tailoring and high-quality materials. This level of service and craftsmanship is rare to find, and I highly recommend Adnan and his team to anyone seeking a truly personalized and exceptional suiting experience. – Ben Moller

I had my suit and my groomsmen suit done here and the experience was amazing. One groom was in the USA he sent his measurements, landed the day before the wedding and the suit fitted like “a tailored suit”. We were always given priority, I decided to add a waste coat last minute and it was done before my next fitting. The price was honestly a steal for the service and quality I received. I’m even making a second suit just to keep. Thank you. – Marvin Jutha

I had an absolutely fantastic experience with Tailor Me. The staff were warm, welcoming and professional, and I knew right away that I was in good hands. The environment is classy and comfortable, and I enjoyed a good coffee while having my measurements taken, and browsing through the great range of fabrics, linings and styles on offer. Within a few weeks I was called in for my first fitting (only minor adjustments were needed) and within another week I had my perfectly tailored, classical wool suit ready to go. Highly recommended. – Jevon Brown

I have never had such a great experience. These guys are just phenomenal and on point. What an awesome service level. I received 3 tailored suits + 3 shirts within 2.5 weeks. Nevertheless their quality and choice of material is best. I will be back for sure. – Pascal Gatz


Contact Person: Adnan Rana
Email: [email protected]
Gauteng Contact Number: +27 (0)74 884 4848
Western Cape Contact Number: +27 (0)67 879 8642
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