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Explore the best marriage officiants in Cape Town and the Western Cape. Here is our selection of the top marriage officiants in Cape Town, recommended by wedding professionals and real couples. Click on the Request a Quote button below to request a quote from all listed here, or contact them individually. 

Willie Viljoen, a registered Marriage Officer based in Cape Town, South Africa, officiates marriages for South African and International couples at any location in the Western Cape. With over 39 years of experience in hosting beautiful wedding ceremonies, Willie offers a special, memorable service no matter your belief system, culture, or personal style. His unique approach has earned him the title ‘Marriage Officer of Choice’ as well as multiple accolades which includes “Best Marriage Officer 2022” For a wedding ceremony filled with warmth, love and joy, Willie Viljoen will guide you to plan your ‘wedding show’ – a celebration to enjoy and a memory to last a lifetime. Choose from a religious, semi-religious or nonreligious wedding ceremony and Willie will bring flair to your special day, both in a formal or informal setting. Whether it is a very intimate occasion, or hundreds of guests, we tailor-make your wedding ceremony to suit your style and personal preference. Willie will ensure that your wedding is the most special, fun and memorable day of your life! Click here to see more.

Thank you so much for the pictures. We are very glad that we have chosen you as our wedding officer. Thank you for your loving, funny and emotional ceremony. The day was amazing! – Gabriel & Julia

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Of all the experiences that bring you joy, to fall in reciprocated love defines happiness.  It wraps all the fun you ever had into one bundle, all the feelings of being loved, and adored, and known, embraced, welcomed, and understood, and it irrevocably redefines how you will view yourself and how you will think about the purpose of your life, from that moment on. So what do you do to keep that love alive? What do you do to exponentially increase the impact of that significant event through the rest of your life? It’s easy! You pop the question, don’t you!

Hi there, we are married couple, Symi and Ava from Tie the Knot Cape Town, Overberg & Beyond and we LOVE, love. We believe in love, we believe in staying together, we believe in talking things through, and we believe in making peace. We live to put each other first. We make it our business to understand each other, guide each other, and have difficult conversations if need be. We spend time together, and most importantly, we have fun together. We know that you do too. When you want to get married on our own terms, you may find that it is increasingly difficult to find someone who speaks “us”. You might end up making compromises and sacrifices to “normalize” your wedding day to other people’s expectations. At Tie the Knot Cape Town, Overberg & Beyond, we’re really keen for the two of you to have Your day, Your way.  We would love to create a wedding ceremony that captures your laughter, and the joy of being together. We word the feeling of cuddles, and contentment and wrap you two up in the sentence that excitedly lasts a lifetime.

But – can we marry the two of you? What if you two are of a different religion, or if you’re a gay or lesbian couple? What if you have children, and you’d like the kids to be part of the actual ceremony? We, celebrate love, beyond race, religion, gender, orientation or tradition. And once you’ve got a place of complete acceptance, you can start celebrating the differentness of who you are as a couple, what you’re like as individuals, and the love that circumscribes your being together. We celebrate your love with you whether it’s just the two of you, or even if it’s the two of you amidst a world of guests who expect a different kind of day than you are going to give them. We share the moment with you in which you become family, when you start measuring your laughter and togetherness in lifetimes, rather than anniversaries.

We’d love to make your day, your way – a true celebration of your love, and a moment of reveling in just how beautiful and precious your relationship is. Strike up a chat with us, and let’s make your day happen, your way.

Symi and Ava understand that Love Is Love… And that it deserves to be celebrated in whatever way you and your future spouse see fit. My now HUSBAND (!!) and I were over the moon delighted when we found Tie the Knot Cape Town online. I am from Scotland, he is from the USA and we live on a boat in Fiji, so you can imagine that planning our free-spirited, non-traditional wedding from afar was not always easy!  From the second we received our first email back from these girls we knew we’d struck gold and this feeling was only compounded after our first Skype chat. Two more genuine, kinder human beings do not exist! They made the whole process from start to finish an absolute delight and we cannot thank them enough. Both Symi and Ava went out of their way – above and beyond – to be sure we understood all the paperwork requirements for two foreigners, to check over the details of our self-written ceremony and to be sure we understood the flow of things in the lead up to the big day. On the wedding day itself, they brought a lovely calming energy to the celebrations and helped us to revel in the joy of marriage. – Vanessa and Chad

I love weddings and my desire for your wedding is to leave you and your guests remembering your wedding for the special romantic moments, kind words, meaningful content and a bit of humour. I’ve had the joy of conducting over 400 weddings since 2008, hearing brides and grooms say “I do” on Yachts, on Table Mountain, at homes, at Wine Farms, on many beaches and many other beautiful wedding venues all around the Cape.. Let me help you make it an unforgettable memory and “stress-free”, so that you can focus on everything else. I do formal, semi-formal and informal weddings.

After 10 years of doing weddings, I have so many small ideas to help make your ceremony unique and special. Ultimately it’s what’s you want at the end of day. I love meeting with bridal couples to discuss their special day. We can meet at a Coffee-shop (social distancing LOL), or over a Zoom video call or on a WhatsApp video call. I find these “meet n greet” moments to be absolutely crucial. Not only will you get a good feel for who I am and what I do, but I will start getting a great idea of what you are looking for. I am super flexible. I love doing things that are different, and I always encourage couples to put their own special touch on the ceremony. I look forward to helping you. Click here to see more.

John. It has been just over a month since Ryan and myself got married. We are both loving married life and could not be happier. We would love to Thank You for your commitment to making our ceremony so personal and moving. All our wedding guests and especially our family enjoyed hearing about the 7 Keys to a successful marriage. The whole day was magical. Ryan and I were so grateful that you made this experience so comfortable and trouble-free. Thank you again. Kindest Regards, Ryan and Nathalie


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Our tips: Book your marriage officiant

Whether you are having a religious or a secular ceremony, you will need someone to officiate your marriage. Whoever you choose, they will play a very important role on your big day and lead the whole ceremony. It will be important to have an officiant who matches well with you as a couple and with your views, who is comfortable with public speaking and preferably someone who has experience.

In a religious ceremony, you will be limited to the type of officiant you can choose but not limited to a single person. With a secular ceremony, you will not be restricted to any particular officiant and will have other options available to you.

For a marriage to be recognised under South African law, the marriage officiant needs to sign the register indoors or under a roof at a venue/house with an address.

There are different sets of rules regarding international couples having a destination wedding – your marriage officer will be able to supply you with a list of documents needed to make your marriage legal in South Africa. It may be the case that you would need to acquire some of these documents from your local home affairs office, so be sure to connect with a marriage officiant early in your planning process.

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