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Whether you are having a religious or a secular ceremony, you will need someone to officiate your marriage. Whoever you choose, they will play a very important role on your big day and lead the whole ceremony. It will be important to have an officiant that matches well with you as a couple and with your views, who is comfortable with public speaking and preferably someone who has experience.

In a religious ceremony, you will be limited to the type of officiant you can choose however not limited to a single person. With a secular ceremony, you will not be restricted to any particular officiant and will have other options available to you.

For a marriage to be recognised under South African law, the marriage officiant needs to sign the register indoors or under a roof at a venue/house with an address.

There are different sets of rules regarding international couples having a destination wedding – your marriage officer will be able to supply you with a list of documents needed to make your marriage legal in South Africa. It may be the case that you would need to acquire some of these documents from your local home affairs office, so be sure to connect with a marriage officiant early in your planning process.