Of all the experiences that bring you joy, to fall in reciprocated love defines happiness.  It wraps all the fun you ever had into one bundle, all the feelings of being loved, adored, known, embraced, welcomed, and understood, and it irrevocably redefines how you will view yourself and how you will think about the purpose of your life, from that moment on. So what do you do to keep that love alive?

What do you do to exponentially increase the impact of that significant event throughout the rest of your life? It’s easy! You pop the question, don’t you!

Hi there, we are a married couple, Symi and Ava from Tie the Knot Cape Town, Overberg & Beyond and we LOVE, love. We believe in love, we believe in staying together, we believe in talking things through, and we believe in making peace. We live to put each other first. We make it our business to understand each other, guide each other, and have difficult conversations if need be. We spend time together, and most importantly, we have fun together. We know that you do too. When you want to get married on our own terms, you may find that it is increasingly difficult to find someone who speaks “us”. You might end up making compromises and sacrifices to “normalize” your wedding day to other people’s expectations. At Tie the Knot Cape Town, Overberg & Beyond, we’re really keen for the two of you to have Your day, Your way.  We would love to create a wedding ceremony that captures your laughter, and the joy of being together. We word the feeling of cuddles, and contentment and wrap you two up in the sentence that excitedly lasts a lifetime.

But – can we marry the two of you? What if you two are of a different religion, or if you’re a gay or lesbian couple? What if you have children, and you’d like the kids to be part of the actual ceremony? We, celebrate love, beyond race, religion, gender, orientation or tradition. And once you’ve got a place of complete acceptance, you can start celebrating the differentness of who you are as a couple, what you’re like as individuals, and the love that circumscribes your being together. We celebrate your love with you whether it’s just the two of you, or even if it’s the two of you amidst a world of guests who expect a different kind of day than you are going to give them. We share the moment with you in which you become family when you start measuring your laughter and togetherness in lifetimes, rather than anniversaries.

We’d love to make your day, your way – a true celebration of your love, and a moment of reveling in just how beautiful and precious your relationship is. Strike up a chat with us, and let’s make your day happen, your way.


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