Food Trucks for Weddings

Food Trucks have become a very popular choice at weddings and events over the last couple of years. They allow you to offer your guests a wide menu variety and add a festive element to any occasion.

Food Trucks have become a very popular choice at weddings and events over the last couple of years. They allow you to offer your guests a wide menu variety and add a festive element to any occasion. Incorporate a food truck during pre-drinks or let them cater for your entire reception!


Food Trucks in the Western Cape

Earthfire Pizza

The Earthfire Pizza food truck was born out of a childhood dream of selling pizza out of a silver stream trailer on the Camps Bay strip. Needless to say, we have found ourselves and our food truck in the most amazing, beautiful, quirky and bizarre locations.

We cater to an array of events and functions, including weddings, birthdays, festivals, schools, corporate and sporting events, or wherever you find you need good pizza. 


Bali Food Truck

Bali Food Truck brings you dangerously delicious Indonesian dishes. You don’t need to go to Indonesia to taste our unique traditional menus. All you need is to find our food truck. 

We offer small, street-inspired yet high-quality Indonesian dishes, many of which feature our homemade spice blends. From the famous Nasi Goreng to the spicy Beef Rendang.   


Las Paletas Ice Cream Cart

Las Paletas is South Africa’s first artisan company to create 100% natural Lollies and was founded in 2012 by Colombian-born Diana Chavarro when she moved to Cape Town and decided to bring her favourite Latin-American childhood treat to South Africa.

All products are handmade in small batches, using top-quality ingredients, and free from flavourings, colourants, stabilisers, and thickeners. No pulps or concentrates are used to make any product.

Since first launching in 2012, Las Paletas has become ice cream pioneers and architects by developing 100% natural lollies and countless different ice cream products for many premium brands across South Africa. What distinguishes Las Paletas from other brands is the passion and authenticity of the products and the creativity and knowledge behind Diana’s nine years of experience in the field. 


POP! Mobile Bar

Our cute and quirky mobile tuk-tuk bar is perfect to hire for weddings, private events and corporate functions and will add a fun and festive element to your event.

The POP! Mobile Bar is all about celebrating, and we will be serving up all things champagne/gin, from by the glass or bottle, cocktails.

The POP! Mobile Bar is a fully customised tuk-tuk, which has been built to serve as a complete mobile bar, with fitted glass racks, built-in ice buckets, a service counter and uses a small amount of power. We can supply glasses, which can be branded with your logo or even the names of the bride & groom.

We pour local top-quality Methode Cap Classique, and Gin & Tonic’s  Perfect for a Summer splash!  


JACK RABBiT Mobile Kitchen

Happiness in food, the love of food, its all about that taste!! Jack Rabbit Mobile Kitchen caters, to the public, to events and to private functions.

The menus we do are all about the culture of enjoying food, our parent’s generation was not big on eating out unless there was occasion calling for it, whereas the current 20 to 30 and older somethings of today need the convenience in their busy lives and eating out is a very social happening in our lives, it is when we see our friends and family outside of our otherwise “working lives”.

We want to enjoy what we eat, really enjoy every aspect of it, younger generations are going out, and by out I mean, outside, the festivals, the food trucks, the markets, all a very big part of how the average consumers prefer to dine and spend their social time. So we do “comfort cuisine”, not cuisine as in restaurant foods, cuisine as in what you love eating when you don’t have to overthink “what’s for dinner/lunch”, I almost want to say the “plain jane” foods, that when you are at home, you’d finish it regardless of how much there is because it’s so amazingly tasty. We find, however, that people don’t cook like the generations before us have, we rely on what’s out there.


Food Trucks in the Eastern Cape


Since the early 1930’s, we at Foong’s have had the privilege of serving the community of Mount Pleasant and its surrounds. Our doors were open fourteen hours a day, seven days a week, welcoming customers into our store with the standard smile and warm welcome. Regulars soon became part of the Family and inevitably, no day would be complete without a visit to Foong’s.

In keeping with the global trend towards serving real, quality and value-for-money food in a market environment, Foong’s has developed a mobile unit, suitable for any occasion.

You can still experience the product you love and the people you love – now in a host of different spaces.


Food Trucks in KwaZulu-Natal

Fudart strEATERY

The type of equipment installed allows us to cater for various styles of meals from finer plated meals and upmarket street food. The vehicle is available for all shows, exhibitions, weddings, functions and house parties. We offer the ease and convenience of being fully mobile so the truck can be driven and parked at almost any venue.

You can find us at most International concerts parked on the Iconic ICC pod offering up local street food.  We can tweak flavours to your preference and add on Canapes, Desserts, Beverages and so much more.

Our big orange customised 1978 Bedford bus is an iconic and fun talking piece, sure to be a big hit at your next function. Fudart represents the art of food! From gourmet burgers to fine dining, they are an upmarket catering and food consulting company, run by an experienced and passionate team. 


Food Trucks in Gauteng

Balkan Burger

IT ALL STARTED IN SEPTEMBER 2011 AT LITTLE FOOD MARKET IN THE MIDDLE OF JO’BURG…Brother and Sister go to a new market opening to hook up with their best family friend from Cape Town but the Jo’burgers are fashionably late and Capetonians are surprisingly early so they miss each other… sad times.

They decide to stay and grab something to eat but all the food is sold out. And it wasn’t even 1pm! As they sat and wished they were digging into something tastier, it suddenly dawned on them… the market needed something new!

Sitting on the balcony after a couple of beers on empty stomachs their Serbian courage kicked in and a crazy idea was born: “We shall quit the life of corporate misery and peruse our passion of food!”

Today we are all grown up, catering for events big and small in one of South Africa’s most recognizable food truck and the Balkan Burger brand has become synonymous with big concerts, festivals, events, birthdays, weddings, markets and of course being the best burger in the universe!

Although we are huge now, we know that we couldn’t have done any of this without our family being united and supportive, without all of our Jo’burg and Cape Town friends who helped us in wisdom, marketing tips, design, builds and teardowns, champagne bottles and blue cheese, tech geek outs, mechanical know-how, mars bars, stepping stones, laughs and many taps on the back.


Knickerbocker Ice-Cream

As well as our parlour at The Stables Village Market we have SA’s first true pop-up parlour operating at festivals and events.

The Knickerbocker Ice Cream Company operates SA’s first true pop-up ice cream parlours. Our main parlour is an impressive size, truly visually spectacular and serves a large selection of our own artisan ice cream, sorbet and frozen yoghurt which we make, where possible, from the finest of natural ingredients. We also have an ice cream tuk-tuk and a smaller gazebo-style set up as well as a vintage ice cream cart, which are ideal for smaller occasions.

Additionally, we offer a range of handmade gourmet ice creams in tubs (including our popular “grown-up” tubs), as well as traditional soft, serve ice cream, soft serve frozen yoghurt, ice cream sundaes, ice cream sandwiches, waffles, pancakes, thick milkshakes, Dom Pedros, artisan ice-lollies, wine popsicles, and we cater for those that need sugar free options.