TopTips : 8 mistakes you will avoid with a Bar and Staff Hire Company

When it comes to bars and wedding receptions there is, however, only one golden rule: invest in a Bar and Staff Hire Company.

bar and staff hire company

Most adults know there are golden rules to drinking responsibly. To not suffer a lapse in judgment, eat before you drink, stay hydrated and know your limits. When it comes to bars and wedding receptions there is, however, only one golden rule: Invest in a good Bar and Staff Hire Company.

Allow these professionals to take this essential part of your Big Day off your plate. Bonus Top Tip:  they will also take many responsibilities off your Wedding Planners’ plate – so that they can focus more on you and keep everything running smoothly.

Go ahead and visit our listed Bar and Staff Hire Companies. Their exclusive cocktail menus, various signature bar experiences and mobile bar options are incredible!

Our listed companies will make the experience effortless and stylish, whether you are having a tamer wedding or a wild one. They can welcome your guests with pre-drinks, keep them happy all night and even end the evening with an artisanal coffee or hot beverage bar. Depending on what your needs are they can take care of things you haven’t even considered yet.  Get a hassle-free quote that covers all your needs today.

Not convinced yet? Here are 8 Mistakes they will be saving you from:

1. From Going Overboard: What suits our budget? 

A full-service open bar has the potential to be incredibly pricey. Having a handpicked list of options will be good for your pocket and great for adding some exclusivity to your wedding. A selected cocktail menu will also aid in keeping orders at the bar moving quickly and freeing up guests to have fun on the dancefloor. Keep it simple, and listen to advice.

2. From Missing the Boat on Quantity: How much do I need to buy? 

This seems like an impossible equation, how much is enough? This question is probably keeping some brides awake at night. Luckily Bar and Staff Hire Companies handle those equations on the daily. Just clarify how many guests of drinking age will be attending and how thirsty they may be. Remember the heat of summer will affect this too!

3. From Having just one Oar in the Water: What is needed besides alcohol? 

Having enough soft drinks and water on hand is vital.  Bottled water –  because hydration is key to life. Soft drinks not only provide you with cocktail mixers but also offer alcohol-free options.

Speaking of non-alcoholic options; it is always a great idea to have some interesting non-alcoholic cocktails, and of course, if you prefer to have an alcohol-free wedding you can find options with our Top Suppliers who can cater with flair.

4. From Skating on Thin Ice: How much ice is needed? 

An all too often forgotten ingredient to any cool beverage – ice. And trust these professionals, you will need a lot of it. Not only for consumption in drinks but also for chilling wine and Champagne. 

5. From Not Going the Whole 9 Yards: What bar hire options are there? 

With a wide range of choices from elegant bars for hire to quirky fully mobile bars, you are guaranteed to find something to your taste with our Top Bar and Staffing Companies.

6. From Seeing the Wrong Glass Half-Full: What glassware should I order?

Let them order or provide the correct glassware. It is more complicated than Champagne flutes for Champagne and red wine glasses for red wine. Just another piece of expertise you can rely on, and another task ticked off your list.

7. From Throwing Caution to the Wind: Should I serve shooters? 

As fun as having shooters/shots sounds, it is almost certain to turn out a little messy. Keeping your wedding and the memories untainted is much easier without shots being served.

8. From Getting Spread Too Thin: Which services are included? 

The staff you will be receiving are not amateurs,  therefore they are fully trained to keep cool and calm even when it seems like things may get overwhelming. They can advise you on how many bartenders will be needed for your guest count. Bar backs are also included to keep the area clean and clear of empty glasses. These staff members will be on the front line, dealing with your guests, and will leave a lasting impression on them. Friendly professionals are what you want and what you shall receive from our Top Suppliers.

Start your quote enquiries today and find your bar and staff hire company.

Image:  Shantelle Visser Photography