Garden Route Wedding Suppliers

From beachfront to forest and safaris, we love Garden Route weddings! Should you be looking to get married in this beautiful part of the country, then you are incredibly spoilt for choice when it comes to unique venues and talented wedding suppliers!

TopTips : 10 Fun Wedding Ideas

Have you been planning your wedding, but crave a sense of uniqueness? We’re here to provide you with some great alternative and fun wedding ideas that will add that hint of distinction. Find even more ideas by clicking here!

Wedding Games

Wedding Games are a great way to help people connect and break the ice on your wedding day. Here are a few ideas that you can incorporate into your wedding reception.

Marriage Officer Q&A

Picking a minister to officiate your wedding ceremony is no small task. Apart from finding the right individual who suits both your personalities and tastes, you probably have a couple of questions too regarding the process and paperwork.

Marriage Contracts

If you marry without an ante-nuptial contract, your marriage will be In Community of Property and both spouses will own the matrimonial assets together in equal undivided shares.