Top 10 Questions asked to Wedding Planners

Planning your own wedding can be exciting and overwhelming at the same time. We have gathered some of the most experienced wedding coordinators we know and asked them what the most burning questions, regularly  asked by their brides, are. We trust you will find some answers here too!

Image from Franschhoek Flowers


Can you work with my budget?

Estee from Franschhoek Flowers replies:

“Questions about budgets and prices inevitably come up when planning a wedding – or any event for that matter! Some clients are hesitant to share this information with their planners or coordinators (or other suppliers) but the best thing you can actually do is to be honest and upfront with your suppliers about your budget.

There is no “right” budget for a wedding and an experienced supplier will be able to accommodate you and your budget (within reason, of course). By being open and realistic about your vision, budget, and the real-world possibilities of what your budget can get you, suppliers can best guide you to get as close to your dream wedding as possible. So, yes! We can work with your budget”


Why can’t you/my florist guarantee a specific flower and color?

Estee from Franschhoek Flowers replies:

“This question gets asked A LOT! The reason no one can guarantee a specific flower type or color is that it is a natural product. Not only are florists reliant on the weather (flowers will often bloom a bit earlier or later each year depending on weather conditions) but the fact that it is a natural product also means variations do occur. So, for instance, the roses picked today might be a slightly lighter pink than the roses picked from the same bush a month or a year ago. 

Even large growers can be affected by weather and/or pests. Plus, even if you choose to go the imported route, there might be delays in shipping or a stock shortage overseas.

The best advice I can give is to trust your florist. Allow them the creative freedom to recreate the look and feel you want using the best locally available flowers and greenery. As a florist, I always use seasonal blooms – this is the best way to guarantee that you get the best-quality, freshest flowers in your color scheme. It is also the best option budget-wise!” 


Nearest and Dearest | Image by: Chantel and May Photography


Where should I focus my budget?

Jenny Nicholls from Nearest & Dearest Events replies:

“This depends on what is most important to you and your fiancé.  For example, some clients are huge food and wine connoisseurs. Their main focus will therefore be on catering, as well as the wine served at their wedding. For others, their priority may be on a great party. We would therefore suggest prioritizing a good DJ, dance floor, and flowing bar! 

We suggest to clients that before they start planning their budget, they first sit down with us, their fiancé, and parents and discuss how they envision the day going and what is going to bring their vision to life.” 


What exactly is your role as a wedding planner?

Jenny Nicholls from Nearest & Dearest Events replies:

“As wedding planners, we make every aspect of arranging your special day so much easier. From being on the frontline and dealing with suppliers, to make sure that every little detail is considered to ensuring that your special day runs smoothly and without a hiccup. Our main responsibilities include the following: 

– Consulting with the client on how they envision their dream day

– Managing a client’s budget and searching for ways they can save

– Creating concept proposals and mood boards for decor and style ideas

– Sourcing and booking vendors

– Communicating with all vendors involved so that you don’t have to

– Ensuring a stress-free planning process and ease of mind that your big day with run smoothly”


What is the most important aspect of the wedding to secure after securing the planner?

Jenny Nicholls from Nearest & Dearest Events replies:

“We would advise on securing the venue next. A lot of the time couples decide on a venue and then bring a wedding planner on board. 

The choice of the venue will affect other aspects of the wedding, such as your hiring requirements, catering, accommodation, and so on. Therefore it is important to pick the venue before anything else! (Besides from the wedding planner of course).”


The Mosaic Wedding Company | Image by: Marsel Roothman Photography


How much should we budget for a weekend wedding? 

Cara Lee Pearce from The Mosaic Wedding Company replies:

“This question is always hard to answer. I don’t think you can answer this sort of question honestly without knowing a lot more about the type of wedding the clients are wanting. I can plan two weddings at the exact same venue with the exact same amount of guests, and their final cost could be totally different. It all comes down to the couple and what they can afford, and what is most important to them during their day.” 


Is there on-site accommodation? 

Cara Lee Pearce from The Mosaic Wedding Company replies: 

“Most of my clients live overseas, so they are always going to try and find accommodation that allows at least a portion if not all of their guests to stay on site. It removes the logistics of trying to organize guests to get to and from the venue and helps everyone feel a little more relaxed over the wedding weekend. They can also then do a pre or post-event at their venue and everyone is on-site, which makes it less hectic for the couple.”


Pluk | Image:  Shot by an Angel Photography


How much do wedding flowers cost?

Lizelle Fourie from Pluk Weddings & Floral Designs replies:

“Usually ¼ of your wedding budget will go towards flowers and décor.” 


What is a great way of entertaining a small wedding party?

Lizelle Fourie from Pluk Weddings & Floral Designs replies:

“Live music and lawn games are always a great way to break the ice.”


Wedding style or color scheme that will always stay trendy?

Lizelle Fourie from Pluk Weddings & Floral Designs replies:

“Black and white.” 

Feature image by The Mosaic Wedding CompanyCatherine Mac