TopTips : Top Wedding Photographers Answer Your Questions

When you are looking for answers the best people to ask are the Pros.

When you are looking for answers the best people to ask are the Pros. Wedding Photographers have seen it all! The good, the bad and the ugly.

We asked our Top Wedding Photographers to answer some questions from couples planning their weddings.


How will we receive our wedding photos? Do we have the option of getting a printed album?

Coba Photography Answers:

I share my wedding photos on a beautiful online gallery. It is password-protected and the couple can easily share it with friends or family. Once they download the photos it is in high resolution, so they can easily print their favourites. And yes, I do include prints and albums with some packages. I say an album is a must! As we too easily forget to print our photos nowadays.

Joe Dreyer Photography Answers:

I supply my clients with an online gallery with all their wedding photos taken on their big day. This gallery they can then share with family and friends who could not attend and they can also use the gallery to download images for social media platforms.

Regarding a printed album: my clients can choose images from the online gallery for their printed album. This is all done online and the client can also page through their album online to make sure that they are happy with the album layout. Once they are happy the album gets printed. That easy! They also receive all images from their big day in high resolution on a memory stick with the printed album/coffee table book.

I do stress to my clients that it is very important to get the album printed and sorted as soon as possible after their wedding, as we are all so busy and don’t always have time to get images printed and framed etc. A printed album/coffee table book is the best way to make sure you have tangible memories of your big day. Otherwise, they end up with wedding images stuck on some hard drive or memory stick, that eventually goes missing!

What makes a wedding photographer different from a fashion or portrait photographer?

Coba Photography Answers:

I think the fact that you are more involved with the couple; you know them better than you would a model for a fashion shoot. A lot of time is invested in getting to know the couple, what type of photos would be important to them etc. I even help with some of the wedding planning, by giving tips and advice and referring them to other great vendors.


After all the weddings you have attended, do you have any important Do’s and Do Not’s that you can share?

Joe Dreyer Photography Answers:

I have been shooting weddings for 20 years now, so I have seen and experienced pretty much everything and anything when it comes to weddings.

Here are just a few quick tips:

Choose your DJ carefully, it can make or break the reception. Choose all your service providers carefully, get references etc. When choosing a photographer, ask to see a complete wedding. Not just 50 good shots, it’s easy to get 50 good images in 8 hours!

Get to know the photographer, the last thing you want on your big day is to spend it with an arsehole!!!

As clients, you need to click with your photographer (excuse the pun). The photography should be structured around your day, and not the other way around. Your wedding day should not be structured around photography. In other words, book a photographer with experience, and who is adaptable to your specific big day! I can go on for days!

Choose venues that minimise travel on your big day, in other words, don’t get dressed in Camps Bay, have the ceremony in the Winelands and the reception in Hermanus! The less the travel time between the stages of a wedding day the more time clients can spend with loved ones and friends and the more time your photographer has at his disposal to get great shots, instead of rushing from venue to venue!

Lastly, don’t sweat the small stuff, something will go wrong. But don’t let it spoil your whole day, just enjoy the day!


Are “expensive” photographers better? What can I do to make sure I’m booking a professional photographer?

Vizion Photography Answers:

Let me reverse the question: would you like to have the most important day in your life captured by an expert, who shoots with high-quality gear, someone who invests in proper back-up systems and is supported by a great assistant? The moment you hire a premium photographer (and videographer), you are buying security, a guarantee that your precious memories will be captured by an experienced, highly qualified specialist.

Those stories of photographers and videographers taking deposits and not showing up for the wedding – they are real. Stories of photographers forgetting to put a memory card in their camera – they are real. Stories of Brides waiting over a year for their wedding photos (still counting) – they are also real. So ask yourself how much gamble you want to take on your wedding memories. “Expensive” is a relative term.

While many fantastic young photographers are coming into the market, experience plays a big role in the day. A wedding day runs very high on emotions and decisions need to be made in a split second. There are no second takes to your ring exchange or your first kiss! Wedding photographers need to perform a variety of tasks on the day, from capturing moments to styled product photography (your rings, dress, shoes etc), family and groups, low light photography at reception, portraits and more. While the new upcoming photographers might have a stunning Instagram feed, full wedding coverage requires some very specific skills and nerves of steel.

Ask your potential wedding photographer for a full gallery, to see how they deal with all different aspects of the day. Some photographers might only perform in natural light, whereas others are good in both natural and artificial light. Pay attention to portraits: while it’s nice to have those moody captured moments, you might want a couple of images where you can see yours and your Groom’s face. Look at the reception photos! Are they clear and well-lit? Beware of hectic editing: those trends will pass and you will forever wonder why all your wedding photos are in sepia.

Meet with the photographer before the time, even online! Ask them all the questions and be firm. You are entrusting your wedding memories in their hands!

What can I do to ensure that I look my best in my wedding pictures? Please give me some of your pro tips.

Vizion Photography Answers:

I truly believe every Bride is beautiful. A Bride becomes a sacred being, dressed in white and oh-so-beautiful! But certain things will boost your confidence and ensure your wedding photos are Vogue.

Hire a good hair and makeup artist. If you feel beautiful on your wedding day, the photos will reflect that. It is important that you like your makeup, dress, how your dress fits, and how your hair looks. Avoid spray tan. Better to be pale and mysterious, rather than orange. Trust me, I’ve seen it on some of the most elaborate ceremonies.

If you see the camera while the night is happening, don’t stop and pose for it, keep moving! Laugh with your bridesmaids, dance with your dad, allow us to capture the real, fabulous You.

Connect with your significant other. Take the time during photo shoot to embrace each other, to share a moment. Don’t think of posing, rather be authentic. Hug, kiss and laugh! Photographers love those real emotions.

Listen to your photographer on the day. They ask you to do things to bring the best out of the setting. Sometimes it doesn’t make sense to you, but your photographer is busy creating a masterpiece. I sometimes ask my Brides to stand on a massive rock, with the Groom just below. As unusual as it sounds, it creates those high-fashion, magazine-like images.

Now quickly about the posture: people automatically pull their necks in, be aware of that. Stand with your chin slightly forward to ensure that your posture looks elegant yet natural. Drop your shoulders backward, it opens up your chest and makes your posture look elegant. Bringing one foot forward turns your body to a 45-degree angle and makes you look sleek. Practice in front of a full-length mirror in your dress! It’s so much fun.

And lastly: Have fun! You are the star of the show, take it all in and enjoy every moment of your special day!