Wedding Games

Wedding Games are a great way to help people connect and break the ice on your wedding day. Here are a few ideas that you can incorporate into your wedding reception.

Wedding Games are a great way to help people connect and break the ice on your wedding day.  Here are a few ideas that you can incorporate into your wedding reception.  

Find the guest BINGO

At each table, the guests are each provided with a BINGO card and a pen. In each block on the BINGO card, guests are required to find a person who perhaps is wearing a green tie; or they need to find the person who might’ve introduced the couple to each other or even the person(s) who has known them for the longest period of time. This can be a great way to start a conversation between guests and break the ice. There does not necessarily have to be a prize up for grabs; but if you would like to add a prize, you could give a free bottle of bubbly to the winning table or person. 


Speech BINGO

This one is the same idea as ‘Find the guest BINGO’; but instead of searching for the guests; here you need to listen to the speeches, and if you hear certain words; e.g. ‘Firstly’, or ‘on a serious note’, or ‘I’m going to keep this short’; you circle them on the card provided and once you have circled / crossed out all of the blocks, you shout BINGO.


The Shoe Game


Here, the bride and groom sit with their backs facing each other, each having one of their shoes in their hand; the MC asks them questions (regarding their relationship) that the guests sent in. With each question asked about the bride and groom’s relationship, e.g., “who said ‘I love you first?’ “ And then that person lifts their shoe to show the guests that they were the first one to say those words. 


Guess Who

For this game, guests are provided with a card of questions of who they think did what first; e.g. ‘who takes longer to get ready’. The card will have a box to tick on the left half of the card with an emoji of a bride, as well as the right side with an emoji of a groom. If the guest thinks the bride fits that statement, they tick the box on her side; and vice versa. 


I Spy

The guests are required to use their cameras / phones for this game. Here, they are provided with a list of pictures to snap; this could include a group photo of the table, a silly selfie, a picture of them with the bride and groom, a picture of someone making a toast, a picture of the first dance, etc. The bride and groom can provide the guests with a link where they can all add these photos. 


Recipe for a Sweet Marriage

This is a great interactive reception idea for guests to partake in. Here, they write some advice on a note for the bride and groom about what it takes / might take for a ‘sweet marriage’ to read after the wedding. 


Paint by Table Numbers

This can be a great idea for a little keepsake for the bride and groom. When the guests find their table number; there is a large canvas with numbers, paint and paintbrushes. As the guests find their table number, they paint the block with their table number in it, and at the end of the night, a blank canvas will be a beautiful painting. 


Wedding Trivia

Another great reception game for your tables is Wedding Trivia. Have a sheet of paper with a list of multiple choice questions and answers about the bride and groom; guests are required to work in groups to answer these questions and put their knowledge to the test. 


Balloon Dart Paint

This is a great setup for some interactive craft, without it ruining guests’ attire. You can simply ask guests to throw darts at paint-filled balloons attached to a blank canvas, from a splatter-proof distance. This can turn out to be a great artistic keepsake for the bride and groom after their wedding, that they can use to decorate their home with should they wish to.  Watch a video here.


The Pin Game

When guests arrive at the reception, have a basket of washing pins ready asking each guest to take one pin. Also, provide them with the rules of the game; e.g.certain words cannot be said, like, bride, groom, wedding etc. When you (as the guest) are conversing with other guests and these words are spoken, you take their pin. The aim of the game is to collect as many pins as possible throughout the night. It is a great, affordable game idea for any wedding and the couple can even have a prize up for grabs for the person who collects the most pins throughout the night.


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