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I wasn’t one of those children that had a camera around his neck at the age of 2. Actually, I didn’t grow up in a creative household.  Both my parents worked 9 to 5 jobs. After my A levels, I went to business school because that’s all I really knew.

I graduated and by chance got a teaching position at a university. And that became my career. Years later, I met a beautiful, artsy young woman from Norway whom I immediately fell in love with. We married and life was bliss. I fell into photography by chance. A student was getting married and wanted me to document her wedding. What a great experience and a great foundation. I immediately discovered my passion was documenting people and their lives. I felt such an emotional connection to capturing two people in love and having the opportunity to tell a story through my pictures.

I think of my own wedding as I photograph weddings for my clients. I know how magical that day was for my wife and me and how special it was to be surrounded by all our friends and family. My goal is to capture that feeling for you so you can relive your wedding day years from now as well. My couples tend to be laid back and care deeply about keeping their wedding authentic and meaningful. Click here to see more.

I am available for weddings throughout KZN.

Hi Kal – We have been receiving raving reviews about your artistic talent! Most people have said that they felt like they were reliving that night. I suppose that speaks volumes for what Paul and I felt looking at our gorgeous book. You are amazing!!! There is a special balance and beauty captured in our pictures. It’s simply magical! Again, Thank you!!! Much love. – Sheri Vetolli

Welcome to the world of the Conway Team, a powerhouse of 8 highly skilled and passionate creatives, specializing in the art of film and photography. Our journey began a decade ago when our founder, Zandra, took a leap of faith and sold her car to acquire her first camera, laying the foundation for what would become an extraordinary brand. Eleven years ago, the visionary talent of Wade joined our ranks, adding depth and diversity to our team. In 2018, recognizing the growing demand for captivating video content, we made a bold decision to expand our services and include video production within our repertoire, thus solidifying our position as a multifaceted creative entity. Click here to see more.
Great group of professionals who have the perfect blend of calm and hype! Extremely pleasant and accommodating. They have loads of experience and this is evident in their quality of work and the way they go about their stuff. Highly recommend them if you looking for the best quality photos and videos, as well as peace of mind. – Nithen Moodley


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Our tips:  Book your photographer

After your wedding is over, photos will be your memories to treasure and share. A professional photographer might take a considerable portion of your budget but your photo albums will be priceless to you and your family. It is worth the investment.

A photographer should be one of the first suppliers to secure for your wedding day. During the busy summer wedding season, photographers get booked easily a year in advance. So don’t wait too long to avoid finding out that your favourite photographer is not available!

Do your research and make sure the photographer blends with your style and personality. Photography is an art and not every artist’s style is necessarily a fit for you. You and your partner will need to be comfortable with your photographer – they will be there for every intimate moment of your day.

So, how do you choose the right one? We suggest making a shortlist of your favourite 3-5 photographers and enquire about their availability and rates. If they are available, try and arrange a quick chat to get a feel for their personality. We highly recommend an engagement or couple shoot to warm up to and get to know each other long before the wedding day.

Most importantly, trust your instinct. You will know when you found the right one!

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