Top Honeymoon Destinations

You will remember this holiday forever and it marks the beginning of a lifetime together. Here are our top 10 honeymoon destinations.

Your honeymoon will most probably stand out as a the trip of your life! This is the one time couples splash out, indulge and enjoy each other without bounds before settling in to a life together and perhaps starting a family. You will remember this holiday forever and it marks the beginning of a lifetime together.  Here are our top 10 honeymoon destinations.

1.  Maldives
Definitely one of THE most romantic destinations on the planet.  Just look at any picture and you will know why the Maldives s such a popular choice for honeymoons.  Besides being ultimately romantic, the luxury resorts offer a private escape from reality.  The sea is crystal clear and the beach is powder white.  Treat yourself to ultimate luxury and choose to stay in an over water villa.


2.  Mauritius
Mauritius lies like a rich green emerald in the turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean.  With daily flights from South Africa (only 4,5 hours long) this sophisticated island paradise has all the elements of the ultimate escape at an affordable price.  The clear and calm waters off the coast presents itself ideal conditions for all kinds of watersports.  Mauritius provides the perfect setting for an idyllic island honeymoon.  The perfect setting to relax and enjoy each other’s company, lazing on the beach, enjoying moonlight walks, savouring delicious cuisine and planning your future together.


3.  Bali
Whether you want an active or lazy holiday on the beach, Bali has it all and more. From jungle trekking, river rafting, cycling through rice fields, visiting temples and shopping to sipping cocktails on the beach!


4.  Cruising
Cruising is becoming one of the most popular ways to spend your honeymoon.  You can do it year round and basically anywhere in the world.  Whether you choose the Mediterranean, the Caribbean or the Far East, it is a trouble-free way of travelling.  Once you are on board, you unpack once and from there everything is taken care of.  Imagine going to sleep at night and waking up in a different port every morning.  All your meals will be included and trust me, the variety of cuisine onboard a luxury cruiseliner will blow your mind.  Guaranteed to satisfy any taste bud.  All of this, plus world class entertainment and shows on board, certainly makes it the best value for money you will get anywhere.


5.  Greece
The isles of Greece is a favourites for a romantic and relaxing break.  With Santorini being the most popular of the islands. There are a few other favourites such as Paros and Naxos, to name a few.  And yes, it really is as pretty as the pictures you see… no filter needed.


6.  Italy
Enjoy an indulgent and relaxing get-away to Italy.  The food is absolutely amazing from pizzas, pastas, gelato and wine, Italy is definitely a gastronomic experience not to be missed.  While Rome and Venice is the most popular cities, I also love the smaller places, like the isle of Capri, Positano and San Marino.  Here you can really experience the traditional cuisine, wine and typical old school Italian hospitality.


7.  Paris
The City of love, a very well-deserved name for a city that is very close to my own heart.  From the popular tourist attractions like the Eiffel Tower, the Champs Elysees, the Louvre and the Arc De Triomphe to the side street cafes, you will fall in love with this amazing city, guaranteed!


8. Mexico
If you enjoy a lively atmosphere and beautiful beaches, Cancun is the answer.  Don’t forget your camera for viewing of sites like Chichen Itza, one of the seven wonders of the world.


9.  Thailand
From Adventures and culture in Bangkok to relaxing on one of the pristine beaches of Koh Samui or Railay Bay, there is something for everyone.


10.  Dubai
Although Dubai may not be the first place you think of when planning your honeymoon, it has become increasingly popular with more than one direct flight from South Africa daily. Besides the Desert Safaris, the Burj Khalifa (tallest building in the world), waterparks and shopping, more and more couples visit Dubai for its lovely beaches.


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