TopTips : Money saving wedding tips

We are here for all things wedding related, and with this blog post we’ll be sharing some of our top money saving wedding tips.

We are here for all things wedding related, and with this blog post we’ll be sharing some of our top money saving wedding tips. 

With inflation and tax just going up, up, up, weddings can become an extremely expensive celebration for the newly-weds to be. Whether you are a bride who wishes to have an outfit swop from you ceremony dress to your reception dress, or a couple who would like to serve your guests a fantastic three course meal; these expenses do indeed add up. 


1. Consider a weekday wedding 

Weekends and public holidays are high-demand dates for wedding celebrations, and with higher demand comes higher prices. Most venues will have all the necessary information on their website; their high – and low season rates as well as their weekend and weekday rates. Now, we didn’t tell you this, but look at the difference of the weekday prices compared to the weekend prices.


2. Don’t be scared to get a headstart on your wedding dress shopping

Brides do not realize that most wedding boutiques often have an order rush fee, which means that it is an extra expense to be paid by the client to ensure that the dress is delivered in the minimum time to complete it. Start dress shopping early, see what styles and looks you feel like a million bucks in and narrow your selection down. 

Many brides are also opting for the rent-a-dress route these days which means that you can easily save quite a lot of money that can be spend on other parts of your wedding. 

Sample sales is another great way to save a little bit extra when purchasing your wedding dress.


3. There is no rule that you can’t use your ceremony flowers for your reception

Yes, we said it. Ceremony flowers can be used for your reception flowers! Make them work double duty, after all, you might be spending more than budgeted for on them.


4. Repurpose your chairs

Another great money saving wedding tip is to reuse your ceremony chairs as your reception chairs! While your guests are enjoying their pre-drinks, have the service staff on-site move the chairs to the reception venue and place them neatly at the tables.


5. Top-shelf liquor  is definitely not necessary!

Your guests are already happy to be having a complimentary glass of bubbly and food for the evening! If you do opt for an open bar (another extremely costly option), you don’t have to purchase bottles of liquor more expensive than you would buy for yourself.


6. Dessert

You have probably already received your cake quote back, did you gasp when you saw it? 

Depending on the amount of guests who will be attending your wedding, don’t be scared to skip the plated desserts and serve your wedding cake instead.


7. Cut the guest list

This is your money and your wedding with your friends and family. Don’t be scared to speak up and say no to plus ones – especially if you have never met that person! It makes a huge difference in your budget and why have someone in your wedding photos who you’ll most probably never see again.


8. Wedding invitations

Instead of sending multiple printed invitations, direct your guests to a personalised wedding website via a digital invitation. Add all the information around your pre- and post wedding events and your wedding day on there. RSVP’s and dietary requirements can also be managed digitally. Reserve printed invitations only for older guests that may not be internet savvy.


9. Embrace the minimalist bridesmaids’ bouquets

Two or three large flowers with fillers are perfectly fine for a bridesmaid bouquet. Opting for something more on the minimalistic side will still add a classic, elegant feel to your wedding, just without the larger price tag.


10. Cash bar

Having a cash bar at your wedding is a great way to save extra money. If you are looking to provide your guests with something alcoholic to drink, opt for bubbly, beer and ciders during pre-dinner drinks. Provide a bottle or two of wine for each table during dinner. If you are unsure of how many bottles to purchase, here’s a simple formula based on your amount of guest. When dinner starts, have a cash bar available for all other alcoholic drinks.


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