TopTips : 10 Fun Wedding Ideas

Have you been planning your wedding, but crave a sense of uniqueness? We’re here to provide you with some great alternative and fun wedding ideas that will add that hint of distinction.

Have you been planning your wedding, but crave a sense of uniqueness? We’re here to provide you with some great alternative and fun wedding ideas that will add that hint of distinction.

1. Write a message in a bottle or on a wooden board

Instead of going with the more traditional route of a wedding guest book, have your guests write a message to the newlyweds, let them roll or fold it up and add it into a jar/bottle provided. When you are ready to start reading your wedding notes, it will be like opening a short-lived time capsule. Another great option is to have guests burn messages with a soldering iron into a large wooden platter which can be used in your home for many years to come.

Photos: Sharryn Hodges


2. Blow bubbles for confetti

For a cleaner ceremony exit, swap the traditional petals for bubbles. You won’t have petals falling in unwanted places and that might block your faces in the photos.


3. Ring for Champagne

Who wouldn’t want to kick-start their pre-drinks with a glass of bubbly? This quirky idea has the industry talking!  Serve bubbly to your guests by hidden waiters from behind a feature wall when they ring the bell. Combining the structure with a welcome sign or even the guest list makes it a wonderful and fun focal point.

Photos:  Precious The Planner Happinest Hire Trendy Settings Paperworks Cavalli Estate


4. Watercolour guest portraits

Wedding favours for your guests can be tricky, not to mention expensive! Often it gets left behind or forgotten, so what better way to have everyone remember your special day than having a live artist paint watercolour portraits of your guests? This is a great idea to ensure that your guests take home something they love.

Photos: Danielle Jordaan


5. Give them a sign

Add some quirkiness and humour to your wedding. Place personalised signs in and around your venue. It does not have to be large signs or even a lot, but it could be a great conversation starter.

Photos: The Event Planners Sharryn Hodges


6. Go luminous

Channel your guests’ inner child and let them play with temporary glow-in-the-dark or neon tattoos and glow stick bracelets when the dance floor opens! Hire in UV black lights to take it to a new level. 

Photos: The Event Planners Sharryn Hodges


7. Have a candy bar

A candy bar is a great way to serve something sweet after the main course. Guests can pick and choose whichever candy they want and the best part is you can take whatever remains home without the stress of it expiring and going bad. 


8. Write letters

This could most definitely be a great conversation starter amongst the guests; write one letter and place it in an envelope on each table. Upon opening the letter, the guests will each have a paragraph dedicated to them to read out loud for the table to hear. This could be a fun memory the couple shares with guests, a story of how they met, or a letter of appreciation.


9. Open the dance floor with glittery confetti

Why not surprise the newlyweds?!  The bridal party can all chip in and organise a surprise glitter confetti drop during the first dance. To make this a bit easier, get in contact with the planner, as they have the necessary contacts to arrange this.

Photo: Adel Ferreira


10. Create a sparkly exit

Now we know you might have seen this one before, but imagine ending off your wedding with a sparkler exit! Let your guests light up the path with some sparklers, it will create some beautiful images. And never to fear, even if your photographer has clocked out by the time your ceremony has ended, ask one of your bridesmaids to pull out her phone and capture the moment.

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