TopTips : Ways to make your wedding memorable

Aren’t we all looking for that extra special element that will make your wedding stand out or just extra memorable for you and your guests?

Aren’t we all looking for that extra special element that will make your wedding stand out or just extra memorable for you and your guests?  We asked a few wedding coordinators to help us create a list of all our favourite unique wedding ideas that will help you create a wedding day that will not be easily forgotten.


Commission a painting

The Event Planners:  One of our all-time favourite ways to make your wedding extra special is to commission an artist to paint a watercolour artwork of your venue or of you as a couple before the wedding. The artwork can be used as part of your wedding day stationery design – on your ceremony program or menus. This particular one was done by NZL STUDIO of Johannesdal1207. The artwork itself can be used in your new home.

Appoint an artist such as Danielle Jordaan to paint an artwork live at the wedding or your ceremony. Danielle Jordaan is a fine artist and live wedding painter who captures weddings/elopements in real time. Live wedding painting brings a one-of-a-kind feature to your ceremony or reception that will engage and delight your guests. Capturing the very essence and details that make your wedding day special and memorable, your painting becomes a timeless heirloom to treasure for generations to come. Photo by Danelle Stofberg Photography.


Honour a loved one

Runaway Romance:  Natasha and Calvin started their ceremony with a shot of Jack Daniels. Natasha’s dad had a tradition of starting a celebration or family gathering with a shot of Jack for everyone. She did the same to honour his memory when they eloped. Photos by Kikitography.


Host an intimate affair

Trunk Events:  I believe this wedding we planned with our couple, Ruth and Robert, stands out for us this year as the most memorable wedding. They are based in Germany and flew all their guests to Cape Town to host them at the most intimate wedding experience in the garden at Belair. They invited 10 of their favourite people to attend. Something intimate and super memorable! Photos by Duane Smith.


Drive off into the sunset

The Event Planners:  Our couple Anna and Christian got married on the beach just before sunset at Misty Cliffs. They drove off to their reception dinner in Kommetjie along the ocean in the coolest open top. It would not have been the same if the rambling tin cans were not tied to it!

This adds that “romantic vintage movie” feeling and makes for great photos!

We find the best moments are the ones that are not overly planned. It must come naturally and it works best if you are surrounded by the people you love, the ones who know you well. Photo by Justin and Simone Photography.




Symbolise your union

Runaway Romance: Niveshni and Alex got married in the Drakensberg and wanted something different for their ceremony, that was also interactive for their guests. We used different coloured sands, with couples pouring a little bottle of sand to fill a glass container. Photos by The Moody Romantic/Luscious Bright Summer.


Let them shower you with blessings

The Event Planners:  Use fresh herbs as confetti. Each herb symbolizes a particular blessing and your guests can choose which one they would like to shower you with. Photos by Shantelle Visser.


Demonstrate your promise


Runaway Romance:  After their ceremony on top of a cliff in the Robberg Reserve, Erica and Brent each broke open the back of a pansy shell (that is also found in Plett) to release the five doves found inside. They threw the doves into the wind, a different take on releasing doves at your wedding ceremony. Photos by Sharon Hodges.


Play with tablescapes

The Event Planners:  Nobody said all your tables must look the same. Mix table shapes and sizes. Use two different styles of chairs and also mix and match your crockery. Some tables may have tablecloths and others may be bare. This shakes things up a bit and brings personality and warmth. There must just always be a look and colour scheme to tie it all together. Photos by Ayeh Khalatbari. Styling by NConcepts and Designs.


Bake your own wedding cake

The Event Planners:  While this is not for everyone, it adds a special touch to any wedding. We have witnessed some really beautiful wedding cakes baked by couples who are chefs! Danielle and Nihann’s cake was not only beautiful but delicious too. Photos by Kusjka du Plessis.


Spend some time alone

Runaway Romance:  After the ceremony and before they left for their reception, Kim and Shaun enjoyed a boho-inspired picnic for two. They could reflect on their special day and spend some quality time together before they join their friends. Photos by Maryke Albertyn.


Light it up

The Event Planners:  Don’t underestimate the power of lighting. Carefully plotted lights can bring your space to life. Be careful that certain elements, like your beautiful cake, are not standing in darkness when the sun sets. The lighting at Alhan and Adib’s winter wedding at Val de Vie was both romantic and dramatic. Photos by Vizion.


Take a tour

Runaway Romance: Liubov and Nicohan did a tour of Cape Town, stopping at spots with amazing scenery for photos from Bakoven, up Chapman’s Peak to Boulders Beach and then Kalk Bay. From there they went to Silvermist Estate, Bo Kaap, up Signal Hill and ended at Maiden’s Cove in Clifton. They had a tour guide with them, so it was interesting as well as fun. It was a great day to see the city and make the most of getting all dressed up for your wedding. The bride is also Russian and this is quite a common thing to do in Russia. Photos by Expressions Photography.