Wedding Dresses that never go out of Style

When it comes to finding your perfect wedding gown it’s important to remember to choose a style that you can look back at 20 years from now and not cringe at what you wore.

When it comes to finding your perfect wedding gown it’s important to remember to choose a style that you can look back at 20 years from now and not cringe at what you wore.

With so many new fashion-forward styles coming out each season and wowing us all, there are a few timeless silhouettes that never go out of style, styles that just remain constant in our books. With structured fabrics, clean lines, classical details and exquisite lace designs that present effortless beauty.


Erin Greyling

  • Off the shoulder:  this style remains a favourite with brides – it shows off her shoulders and gives her a certain elegance
  • Long sleeves:  while the trends at times have leaned towards more revealing wedding dresses, the long sleeve will always remain a favourite 
  • Clean lines:  these styles are normally basic, but make up for it by being very comfortable – their minimalist designs also make them classy and elegant
  • Sheer back:  this is a favourite – the see-through nude tulle gives the illusion that the back is open
  • The classic mermaid:  this style will always remain timeless – the way that it hugs the body over the hips and thighs creates a stunning feminine silhouette, this can be plain or full lace
  • The princess ball gown:  a ball gown with a tulle skirt will always remain in style

Erin says, “Remember timeless does not mean boring. If you have chosen a timeless look and what to jazz it up, do it. Just keep it to one or two design elements or you may lose the timeless look. Consider a large bow at the back or on the shoulder or even detachable sleeves.”


Brides of Somerset

Averil Chowles says, “A timeless gown should have the following features – an expert cut and the correct fabric choice. It is very important that the fabric suits the style of the dress.”


Cindy Bam

The key is to look for timeless characteristics and details. Cindy says “When I put a bride in the perfect dress, then that is the perfect one for me. So I can’t pick one style.”

And why is a timeless wedding gown usually white? Colourful dresses were the fashion in the past, with the first white wedding dress being worn by Philippa of England in 1406 when she got married to Eric of Pomerania. However, the white wedding gown tradition didn’t become fashionable or gain popularity until 1840 when Queen Victoria of England got married to Prince Albert.



Karen Uitvlugt advises, “Opt for silhouettes that remain timeless if you want to choose a wedding dress that won’t go out of style. Romantic A-line dresses and ball gowns in luxurious fabric will always remain classic. Add a tasteful slit in the skirt for that jaw-dropping effect.
For an enduring modern appeal, a fitted dress with no lace will capture the essence of bridal for an eternity to come. It is important to keep lines simple yet interesting with an architectural designed neckline or back.

Lastly, add some detail with a statement bow that you can detach later the evening as you dance the night away.”

Alana van Heerden

Alana says, “The concept of timeless wedding gowns for me refers more to a specific woman in a specific style, rather than dress styles in general. If a bride stays true to her individualism and lets her personality shine through in her choice of dress, it will forever remain gorgeous!

That being said, there are a few design elements in my opinion that can be counted among the timeless looks for brides:

  • Minimalism and clean lines. Simple striking silhouettes, necklines and designs elements have proven to be a style that resonates with many women.
  • A beautiful sheer bodice with intricate lace detail.
  • Tulle! Whether it’s layers and layers of soft, whimsical tulle on a skirt, or voluminous tulle sleeves… it has remained relevant and beautiful throughout decades of bridal fashion.
  • And lastly soft, sheer long sleeves with a cuff… a favourite of mine.” 
Featured image on home page by Alana van Heerden.