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TopTips : 5 ways to create an Outdoor Wedding Dance Floor

There are a couple of things that we need to address when preparing for an outside festivity.

The Western Cape is blessed with a sensational warm summer season. Rain is a possibility, but highly unlikely. Pair warm weather with our stunning landscapes and our world-renowned venues and be ready to dance the night away under the stars. Many couples are looking for a venue that allows for an outdoor wedding dance floor. We asked a well-known Cape Town DJ and Musician, Werner Denner, for his advice.

outdoor weddin gdance floor

Man with Music Advice:

There are a couple of things that we need to address when preparing for an outside festivity.

  • Choose a venue that is not in a residential area. We humans like to groove to loud music. You must choose a location not too close to neighbours. Otherwise, the blue lights might visit.
  • Once you have chosen a location that can accommodate the YMCA at boogie volume, make sure your DJ or band brings proper equipment. Since the sound will not be bouncing off walls and ceilings, but instead be sucked in by endless air, you need a pretty loud and good-quality boombox to make bodies move.
  • Lighting is very important when creating an outdoor wedding dance floor. Make sure that your guests can find their way around your outdoor area and that an ambiance is created. This can be done be incorporating a mix of par cans, fairy lights, lanterns and festoon lighting. 

Smoke machines do not work outside. Wind, even the slightest breeze will blow the smoke away quicker than it can leave the machine. Since you don’t have smoke you will not see any light beams. Rather opt for moving wash lights for the dance floor.

  • You might need to hire a dance floor. Don’t go for the bargain option made from plywood. This will come apart and guests will trip. Uneven surfaces do not help either. Building a smooth, moonwalk-ready surface requires a bit of engineering. The importance of this is often overlooked until the first nose dive occurs. Do it right!
  • Consider a Bedouin tent. I love these. They can morph into many cool shapes. Great for blocking wind and creating some coziness. If by the odd chance it rains – You have a giant umbrella.  Make sure to use a reputable Tent Company.

These venues offer some of the best outdoor dance floor options in Cape Town and the Western Cape:

Die Woud – http://diewoud.co.za
Bosjes – https://bosjes.co.za/en/bosjes
Olive Rock – https://oliverock.co.za
Nooitgedacht – https://www.nooitgedachtestate.co.za
Mountain Shadows – https://mountainshadows.co.za
AA Badenhorst – https://aabadenhorst.com
Langkloof Roses – http://www.langkloofroses.co.za
De Meye – https://demeye.co.za/